Monday, March 30, 2009

"Sing Your Song" & "Love" By ~Vintage Nina~

This painting I did for my Isabella. She represents Spring, color, innocence, peace, nature, growing and Love. I hung glass flowers at the bottom of the canvas. I have a photo of Isabella at the beach with her head tilted and she looks like an angel ~ that photo is what inspired this painting for me. Isabella loves it........she wants me to title the painting "Isabella's Birthday Painting". She is only five and her birthday is April 10th........... so it is her way of telling me he wants it for her birthday. She is so cute I made it for her just because I love her!!!
This one I did for my Kristin. She represents coming into yourself, growing, passion, deep thought, rich colors and Sing Your Song. Kristin is 11 now and she is so mature for her age. She is so sweet, but sometimes very serious. She is so smart, and always a deep thinker. She loves rich colors. I titled her "Sing Your Song", because Kristin loves to sing with her dad, and when she sings it brings me to tears. Her voice is like the angels in heaven singing. I Love to hear her sing. I know no matter where she goes in life she will sing her song!!! Hope you enjoy the paintings I did for my girlies.


  1. What beautiful.....that a mother can make such beauty for her daughters......
    A gift for a lifetime.

  2. Both paintins are very lovely - your girls will no doubt love them very much!

  3. Hi Nina,
    What beautiful paintings you have done here..
    I bet she absolutely loves the paintings.
    I am working on some myself. Keep on keeping on.. Great work, Hugs, Darlene..

  4. What beautiful paintings! I love the butterflies in the hair!

  5. Nina, your thank you for your words of support! It means the world to me. Your paintings here are just beautiful! So inspiring...
    Sending you so much love & happy day faerydust!!

  6. What beautiful paintings! What a pleasure to view. And love the music just FABULOUS!

  7. What adorable art work! You are so creative and I know your daughters must be so proud of you! What an artist you are! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I will miss my work area so much but I will try to make a new one in whatever kind of corner I can find. Everything "old" will be "new" again! I'm trying to be positive.

    big hugs, Sherry

  8. What a beautiful painting. I'm sure she loves it very much. I come by way of Darlene's blog. Have a great week.

  9. Your work and your blog are just beautiful Nina! So glad you found my blog so that I found yours!! Nice to meet you and I look forward to visiting often.

    Take Care - Robin

  10. Hi Nina
    These are just beautiful ~ and what wonderful keepsakes for your girls to have.

  11. great blog! I love your photos of your children on the beach..absolutely stunning. your work is great..what a gift to be able to paint your children.

  12. A beautiful blog and what beautiful pieces you have done for your daughters. You have portrayed the beauty that is inside these lovely girls.