Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Art With Clay" By ~Vintage Nina

This is one of my journals. Her face I made with polymer clay. I sewed the background with denim and vintage fabric. Her wings I made from vintage tin. Under her face is ribbon with a vintage broach.
This angel is on canvas. I used liquid polymer clay on the background. Her face I made from polymer clay. The body is polymer clay that I stamped.

This angel is made the same as above on canvas. Her wings are made from sand dollars.

This angel is also on canvas, made the same as above with butterfly wings.

I made the face out of polymer clay. The background is denim and vintage fabric. I made the hanger with copper. She has butterfly wings and a crystal charm.


  1. Your art is beautiful, so glad I found your blog through Creative Souls! Mandy x

  2. I love the colors in your work!! I'm off to check out more of your wonderful blog and creativity!!!

  3. Love your artwork. So original!