Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Please download and save any you like. I hope you enjoy these vintage photos and create something wonderful. I would love for you to share your ideas, or what you create. Have a GREAT day and I hope you enjoy the photos!!!


  1. What an adorable pictures these are.....are they all family......
    Thank you for sharing this nostalgie

  2. Love, love old photos like this ~ thank you for sharing them!

    There is an award waiting for you on my blog...

  3. Hi Nina - Thanks so much for visiting & Following my blog! Talk about similar tastes - we must have been twins in an earlier life, LOL.

    Love your old photos, how nice of you to share!

  4. Nina thank you these are just Marvelous:) Also I hope you don't mind I posted a pic of your blog banner and a little thank you for the giveaway on my blog.

  5. Love the images. Such an story within each one. Beautiful. Thanks!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS NINA!!!! You have no idea what a crazy day yesterday was! My oldest daughter and my youngest sons B'days were yesterday I had all of my children and grandchildren out for dinner and fun! Also in the middle of the night so I guess it was officialy thursday this happened at 3am!My son has a beautiful 55 gallon fish tank with about $500.00 worth of fish in it. WELL NOT ANYMORE! He built a special stand and put it in the living room because I love it so much. It had elliptical cats, 2 giant eels(the cause of the problem!) A red tail shark Gouramis and 2 HUGE 10 year old plectos in it. They were all such big fish he has had them for several years. All we can figure out is the eels slap there tails on the bottom of the tank moving the rocks around sometimes and the 1 in a million chances one hit the shatter proof glass and it just exploded into a million pieces. All 55 gallons went on my living room carpet along with fish and rocks and a billon pieces of glass! We had to pull out all of the carpet and clean up all of the mess before the party!
    Alas none of the fish made it they were all full of glass. I am so sad he loved those darn things.
    Well a lack of sleep and Birthday Preperations had left me a bit mindless!
    DO NOT make a GIVEAWAY! Holy Toledo I do have to post for Cathy! Sometimes I feel like I need to be put in a assylum for sure:)
    Anyway I am so glad to have you as a friend I truly feel fate has sent you my way. I love your blog and your beautiful artowrk.
    Have a magical day!