Friday, March 20, 2009

"Brown Bag Card" By: ~Vintage Nina~

This is a card I made for my hubby from a brown lunch bag. I absolutely LOVED making this card. I feel like such the recycle On the front I used paper, a vintage playing card, metal corner cap, and a vintage earring (I put "I Love You" in the center).

On the inside I used paper again, stamps, vintage dictionary paper, a face I painted and vintage angel wings. To keep the opening closed on the side I cut a flap on the paper I attached on the front and folded it over to the inside. Then I used velcro to attach the two sides.
This is a closer look at the face I painted. I also added a Delta wing pin......I got this pin when I was a little girl. My hubby is in the Air Force so I thought it was appropriate.

These are all the goodies I made and put inside the bag. I found a feather and put it between two microscope slides and soldered it.
I want to make a brown bag book next. I just love these brown bags and all the cool things you can make with them.
HAPPY DAY!!! ~Nina


  1. Hi Nina,Thanks for stoping by,I love this paper bag card its so pretty.I know your hubby must really love it.BTW,you are both a good looking couple.You do awesome work girl and o like your blog too.Hugs Marie Antionette

  2. What is your hubby a lucky one to get such a gift. I believe you really love each other.
    That is the greatest gift you can have in your life........
    And above all you have such a beautiful are all very rich.
    Nice weekend

  3. What a lovely blog you have, Vintage Nina:) I better leave now before I forget!

  4. You are so imaginitive! Your hubby is very lucky to have such a creative and loving wife!