Thursday, February 9, 2012

FUN Digital Art by ~Vintage Nina~

I have been having so much fun doing "Digital Art"!!!
I am LOVING Bright beautiful colors right now. 

 I did the "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" for my facebook cover on the new timeline, but I used the "DREAM" above instead for my cover........"So Nina" ~ I think I am making something for a certain reason, and then it goes in another direction. My Crazy, Fun, Beautiful, Amazing life!!!
 I had fun doing my family in the "Katy Perry" look. Little miss Isabella LOVES her look, and wishes she could dye her hair this color........I told her she can when she is Katy Perry's age until then be thankful for digital art and Halloween!!!

" It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."
I lost my eye!!! ;)
 My Mom and Step dad loved their Katy Perry look......Seriously!!!
They are cool like that!! LOL
 My Uncle Jack and Aunt Bev.  I LOVE THEM!!!
 My sweet Kristin!!!
 This one is my favorite of Beautiful Kristin Marie!!!
 My Cousin Charlie and his Beautiful family!!! Look at those sweet babies!!!

I am sure I will be sharing more.
I hope you enjoy!!!

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