Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Goodies For My Beautiful Mom!!!

I started with a Turtle Shell
and one of my favorite photos of my mom and her sisters.
She is the one on the far left with the dark hair and great legs:), in the middle is her sister Karen and on the far right is her other sister Marilyn.
My doggies brought me this broken white turtle shell,
and I immediately thought :
"I am going to make something beautiful and fun
for my mom with this turtle shell".
My hubby thought I was crazy!!!
I also made her a bracelet from Vintage Jewelery.
I covered a tin with paper from a book and added a purple jewel 
(That used to be an old earring of hers from the 80's).
I also wrote little notes about how much I love and appreciate her
to fill the tin with under the bracelet. 

I LOVE this Vintage clasp!!!

I made her some Brown Sugar Scrub.
The spoon attached to hers was from her parents old silver.

My first time making Apple Butter, but it was very fun and EASY!!!
I have to admit I think I had more fun making the labels!!!

I canned some Hot Peppers that my hubby had brought home
from a friend of his at work (Thank you Pat).
Nothing is BETTER than FRESH veggies from the garden!!!

I also made her some Lavender Sauce.
On top of the can I added a flower and a bird
that Isabella and I made from an old book.
I also added a sachet of fresh Lavender,
my mom and I LOVE the smell!!!

I also made her some Herb Infused Vinegar.

Maybe some of these gifts inspire you to make
something special for that someone special in your life!!!


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  1. Really nice ideas.
    I bet the receivers of these gifts were smiling from ear to ear ;)
    Happy New Year