Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Ornaments" By ~Vintage Nina~

This ornament I made of me when I was a little girl, with my poppa. It says "Moments Shared". I also added a vintage button, and beads to hang it with. I loved my childhood with my poppa. He was a wonderful man.......I miss him. I hope to cover my Christmas tree one day with these ornaments of my family and kiddies. Until then I will just enjoy them all year round.
This ornament I made of my mom when she was a baby. I LOVE this photo. I added a metal charm that says "Beauty" I also added a definition of adorable from a vintage dictionary. I added a vintage crystal and vintage beads at the bottom. I love my mom so much! She is such a loving, beautiful woman. I am so THANKFUL to have such a wonderful mom!!!


  1. So wonderful to meet !!! your work is wonderful...I will be back often!!!


  2. Nice to see your 3D stuff - keep it up!