Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Believe" By ~Vintage Nina~

This collage painting I did on canvas. She represents innocence, fun, color and nature. Inside the gold frame in the center it says "Believe". Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. I just love her! She is beautiful. I especially love the colors some of my favorite.
    Thank you for the inquiry about how things are going. Every thing is back to normal except I have to save up to get flooring so have concrete in my living room for now:( We are putting in wood so I hope by Fall to have real floor again! Good thing I live in the country. I don't think any one will give second thoughts about it.(LOL) I am putting a coat of paint on in and a good throw rug for now. Won't be getting another fish tank for a while either:( My son is going to wait till next year. Well see.....
    Sending a big HUG your way!

  2. She is so beautiful. I love the sense of movement around her wings and the colors!

  3. Hi Nina!

    Your blog is so wonderful! And your art is awesome!! Collage art is so difficult for me and you make it look incredible.

    It is so kind of you to offer free photo use of such lovely old photos. They are not easy to come by and yours are so great looking.

    I am adding you to my favorites and my apologies for not adding you sooner!

    Hugs, Sherry

  4. Hi, I love your artwork, the colours and designs just gorgeous - very lovely artwork to look at, so much to see - I am adding you asap, cheers Val

  5. Your children are beautiful Nina.

    You have a wonderful blog and it is such a joy to spend time here.

    Renee xoxox

  6. oo this is really special!! beautiful work!