Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grandma Lutz Pillow for Mothers Day!

I finally finished making a pillow for my Grandma Lutz. She is such a SWEET woman, and I am so excited to send her this pillow.

I stitched on a vintage material with ribbon. Then I sewed roses on the front of the pillow. It is a big fluffy pillow. My Italian hubby calls her Grandma Lutz, because his Poppa called her that......it is an Italian thing, and I LOVE it! I can't wait to be a Grandma Lutz one day!

Look what sweet Isabella got for breakfast this weekend. She loves butterflies like her mommy.

Matthew is so WONDERFUL! He made us all breakfast, and made Isabella a special butterfly pancake. For a 15 year old boy............he is so thoughtful and loving! He will be a GREAT dad and hubby one day!!!

Look at this Magnolia that was growing in our Magnolia tree. Is is not BEAUTIFUL??? I have never seen a bloom this big and the smell is so DIVINE!!! I hope you enjoy! I am busy this week trying to finish up my Mothers Day presents........I will post them when I am done. Have a WONDERFUL week beautiful blogger girllies!


  1. the pillow is beautiful...i love the fabric you used and all the great handwork on it..it is just lovely. you've now got me wanting to make one for me! your son is a doll to make butterfly pancakes for your little cutie-pie...and re:your son,are the girls calling day and night? if i was his age,i'd be calling. have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

  2. Beautiful pillow....and every stitch laden with love...a very special gift indeed.

    All these posts about food...my tummy is rumbling...

  3. I love the pillow.

    Your children are gorgeous.

    That is so thoughtful of your son.

    The magnolia is unreal.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. The pillow is lovely. Gramma will love it, and such a beautiful family.
    You are blessed.

  5. Popping in again to say Thank You so much for your kind, sweet words you left for me - it means a lot and I appreciate very much!

    You have a beautiful family and the pillow you made is so lovely♥

    You're very talented in all that you create so I have no doubt that your creativity will flow seamlessly in to digital art!

    I'll be back to visit often... let's keep in touch, I suspect we have much in common ;o)

    Dawn xo

  6. What a beautiful pillow, thank god she is still between us.......such richness.
    And your son and daughter......so georgeous.
    When he once will be married.....lucky woman.
    But you see he comes from such a warm home.....he gives lots of love back........
    Till soon
    Lots of love

  7. Nina the pillow is such a treasure. How wonderful to have a grandmother to share it with.
    Your children are so sweet. What a wonderful legacy to share pancakes that look like butterflies. I know they will always remeber that morning.
    Thank you so much for posting the pic you really are such a sweet heart!