Monday, May 11, 2009

What I Worked On Last Week

This is an Altered Book I worked on for my Wonderful Mom! I titled it "A Mothers Love". I Covered the book with Vintage fabric, and put a Vintage Broach with pink Crystals on the front.
This is my beautiful mom when she was a teenager. I sewed Vintage fabric, and ribbon on this page. I tinted the black and white photo, and gave my mom butterfly wings.
On this page I used several photos of my mom when she was young. I added a piece of mica, metal frame and cross. The photo on the right is her dad and her when she was a baby.

This is my mom with her sisters, and the photo on the left is my mom when she was Homecoming Queen in High School. On the right page is her, her sister and her mom. I added copper wire and a Vintage charm. On the right I also used molding paste to create a stone look on the page.

The photo on the left is my mom, and I hung the photo on a silver fork that was her parents. I twisted the ends of the fork.

On the left page is my Granny Doodle. On the right page are several photos of my mom in her early adult years. The bottom photo on the right I added a golden crown, and she was pregnant with me.

I painted these girls. I also added inspirational words and photos of my mom, sisters, and myself when we were young.

On his page I used Molding Paste again, labels from an old cigar box, one flower I made from Vintage sheet music and a Mother of Pearle button that was my Grandmothers.

This page was made from a Vintage Dollie, Vintage fabric, Vintage buttons, and a Vintage coin purse.

This page was made with Vintage Fabric, and a Vintage Broach that was my Grandmothers.

These two pages I painted and added photos of my Grandparents, mom, sisters and myself.

These two pages I also painted and wrote my mom a note, and used the "Cherish" girl that I made with Beeswax.

This is the last page I did with a baby photo of my mom. I gave her butterfly wings and added a Vintage Daisy broach........Daisy's are her favorite flowers. I LOVE my mom so much, and it felt so good to do something for such an AMAZING woman, and mother.

This is a Stained Glass heart I made for my Mother in Law. I added a Vintage crystal at the bottom.
I hope you enjoy. I hope all of you Wonderful mom's had a WONDERFUL Mothers day!!!


  1. Your book is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh Nina, what a treasure! The book is GORGEOUS! I'm sure your Mom absolutely adores it♥

    Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day!


  3. What an absolutely gorgeous book -- it radiates the love you have for your mother...

  4. Nina, these pages are just lovely. Great job!

  5. Fabulous! I love it! What a wonderful tribute...



  6. Very very nice. I envy those that can create altered books. This is so special and I am sure you Mother will treasure it. What a thoughtful gift.
    You are so talented!

  7. So lovely, so lovely again.....I love it.
    What a wonderful gift for your mother....
    A real piece of art.....again.
    So special for here to see her life in a real book....
    Nice evening

  8. Just priceless Nina, truly some beautiful work and all the feelings flow through each page.

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  10. I got tagged I think? and tried to tag others but the html ditty isn't working.
    Oh Pooh, I tried anyway

  11. Hi Nina, Whoopie !! it's working-I think.
    You've been tagged-check it out.
    Have a great day.

  12. Nina,
    Your book is beautiful and reflects what a big beautiful heart you have!
    Janet Decobug

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