Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Mothers Day Gift To All From My Sweet Friend Becky!!!

Look at this beautiful image from my sweet friend Becky at: . Is it not just BREATHTAKING??? She is so talented and loving. Sweet Becky wanted to give this to all of you wonderful blogger girls.........all she ask is: "I have digitally created a picture for you I call it Faerie Mother. You are welcome to click on the picture for a 300dpi photo and then download it to your computer. Print it, Share it, Alter it... I just ask that you don't sell it as your own although if you alter it and sell the altered item that is o.k. "
I had to share this before Mothers Day. Thank you again Sweet Becky!!! I hope all of you amazing, beautiful and sweet blogger friends enjoy!!!


  1. Oh I think I lost the comment I previously posted. That is a lovely painting and how nice of your friend to pass it on to you and allow other blogger girls to d/l it and also pass it on. Say thank you of course. Have a great Thursday.So I can pass it on?

  2. Surprise for you.....
    Look at my blog.
    Nice day

  3. Thank you to Bonnie, just beautiful and you are too for sharing.