Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Blog Award From Sweet Bonnie!!!

I woke up this morning to a WONDERFUL blog award from SWEET Bonnie! Her heart is so full of love! I feel so honored to receive this award from her! Stop by her blog and check out her AMAZING photography, and BEAUTIFUL note cards that she makes. . Thank you sweet Bonnie!!!
Now I must send this on to four other beautiful bloggers. So here they are.......

1. Dawn at: she is such a SWEET, TALENTED digital artist! I dream of doing digital art like her one day. I am a HUGE fan of her work! She also shares tips, and gives free downloads of some of her digital it is worth checking out her blog!!!

2. Janet at: she is so SWEET!!! She is new to the blogger world and I want her to feel welcome! She has some great go green tips, and is working hard to get her blog just the way she wants it........please stop by and give her some love.

3. America Alcala at: she is such a talented artist! She has done some AMAZING Frida paintings along with Mermaids, The Virgin Mary and many more. Her art is so unique and full of beautiful colors. Stop by for some beautiful eye candy!!!

4. Amy at: she is an amazing artist and teacher! Poor girl had a horrible mishap with her blog and lost everything......all her post, friends.....everything. Can you imagine.?.?.? She is trying to get started back up again. Her art is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! She also works in the most amazing studio......I told her I wanted to live there. lol! Stop by and enjoy the most beautiful photos of antiques, shabby chic and wonderful art!

I LOVE all my blogger friends..........I wish I could give this award to all of you!!! It is the hardest part of receiving an award.

I am off to finish up Mothers Day gifts! Spread some LOVE beautiful souls!!!


  1. Oh Nina! You're so kind and thoughtful! How lovely of you to pass this on to me... and with such sweet words too, I appreciate it very much - Thank You♥

    I shall post it today along with a digital treat... isn't Bloggieland wonderful? Especially because of lovelies like you!

    Hugs, Dawn xo

  2. Oh my dear Nina- I am so honored. What a wonderful gift for Mom's Day.
    And to think I was feeling a bit sorry for myself as one kidlet can't be here.

    I am so blessed to have you for a friend and to be a part of this fascinating group of talented people.
    LoL & hugs, Amy Jo

  3. Nina you are the best! Thank you so much for thinking about me and giving me this wonderful award!:)

  4. Nina, what a sweetie you are! I so appreciate your kind words and I'm very honored to be mentioned on your beautiful blog, I have been on vacation and haven't been able to blog much. Your mention made my day! Happy Mother's Day! I hope you'll have a lovely one.

  5. Hi Sweet Nina! Just popping in to wish you a very Happy Mothers Day! Hope your day is special♥

    Dawn xox

  6. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate the nice comments you left for me. i love the colors you've used in your blog (fuschia, green and black) - very nice! and that is the sweetest picture of you and your husband (the one where you are looking at each other).