Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My past week full of LOVE & BLESSINGS!!!

I met Michelle Renee on Etsy a few weeks ago, and she was so kind and helpful. Through our conversations to each other she had asked if she could post my Etsy store on her blog. I was SO HONORED!!! I have been such a HUGE fan of her work, and I had been so inspired by her and her sisters work when I was going through the most difficult time in my life. It is so funny how life works and how God loves us through other people!!! I feel so BLESSED to have Michelle Renee as a friend!!!
This is a crown she made and sold on Etsy to Courtney Love Cobain. Courtney did a photo shoot and was featured in a magazine wearing Michelle Renee's crown she made. This is one of the photos from the magazine..............Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!

This is a French Lace Crystal Corset she made and is selling it on Etsy. It is soooo STUNNING!!! Please stop by her blog at: . Also check out her amazing Etsy store at: . I hope you enjoy her work and it inspires you the way it did for me!

I sent my SWEET friend Bonnie at: this baby bracelet I made for her daughter. It looks so cute on that sweet baby girl (I am going to ask bonnie if I can use this photo to sell the bracelets on Etsy). I had to share this sweet photo:).

This is a journal I made her with her sweet baby on the cover. Look at those cheeks. What a little cutie patootie!!!

A closer look at the journal and bracelet I made her. I love to give, and this friendship I will always cherish!

This is a photo of my Grandmother that I altered with new program my hubby bought for me. He surprised me and bought me Corel paint shop pro, Corel paint, and Corel photo. This is my first attempt, but I am SOOOO EXCITED to play in the digital world! I have the SWEETEST hubby in the world!!! I feel so blessed to be loved and surrounded by such amazing people!


  1. I will have to go and check her out.I love the baby things you made.So sweet.

  2. Oh Nina you always make me smile:) I have truly been blessed through this ordeal.
    So many wonderful friends have checked in on me.
    Not to fret It is taken care of and I am sure the #$R***())* Fellow will be caught in good time.
    Sending you a hug!!!!

    BTW I love the beautiful baby things you know I love your work:)

  3. Hi Nina!
    What beautiful things!! I love them all. The piece with your grandmother's baby photo is wonderful! Such pretty things!!

    Big hugs, Sherry

  4. Hello Nina,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. My thoughts on your blog; Beautiful, beautiful beautiful. Your talent is huge. I see that I must get busy on my blog. You are a total inspiration. I will be visiting you often.
    Your latest admirer, Janet

  5. Your new friend's work is BEAUTIFUL and elegant.
    Sweet photo of the baby. What a doll baby she is!
    Congratulations on your gift of Corel . I used that program years ago but I am sure it has improved 100% since then. I am learning Photoshop now and it is really fun! Can't wait to see your creations!


  6. Dear Nina...
    It is oke to use my little angel for selling your sweet baby braceletts.
    She would like to be your modell.
    Maybe if you need more I could make some more...
    With my baby-girl and your peace of art at her arm you must be selling thousands.........
    Spreading love arround the world.....
    Make a better world......
    Good luck

  7. Oh and your hubby.....what nice that he bought you this programm.....
    What a lovely things you can make out of this.
    He is really are indeed so lucky to have him.....but, he must be lucky to have you.
    Nice day

  8. Hello darling Nina,thank you sooo much for stopping bywith your well wishes and lovely comments.Isn't that crown and corrset beautiful.That is one talented lady.But so are you.You take care and I'll be back in no time.I'm just a bit slow right now.XXOO Marie Antionette

  9. Wow Nina~ Thank you for including me in your blog. Your Blog is so beautiful and It makes me teary eyed because I feel love the moment it opened up! Speechless... :)

  10. So many wonderful happenings in your life right now!♥ I'm excited for you to explore how wonderful digital art is. I have Corel Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop - guess what? It's Corel that I go to every time as it does what I need it to and it's soooo user friendly. So, have lots of fun with it - it's a great program.

    Best Wishes to you!

    Dawn xo

  11. I love the baby bracelet. I have the sweetest girl whom would love something like this. I will have to visit your etsy shop.