Monday, April 20, 2009

"Cherish" By ~Vintage Nina~

I made this card this weekend. I used Beeswax on the image and it made it transparent (Happy Accident) then my hubby started putting printed paper behind the image........I love that my hubby loves to see me create, and is so involved in helping me. Then I added a vintage brass heart. I am so pleased with the way she turned out, but I am not sure what I am going to do with her now.?
I had to share this photo! Sunday afternoon my hubby was taking a nap on the sofa, and I looked over at him, and he had his hands together like he was praying. I had to grab the camera and take a photo. I think he looked soooo cute and sweet sleeping like that. I sure do LOVE my sweet guy!
So for the title on my Virgin Mary painting...........I think I am going to stick with Serenity. Thank you so much BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING blogger friends for helping me come up with a title. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life, and I appreciate your comments so much! I have no idea how I survived before the blog world!!!


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous....I shall have to have a mess about with beeswax one of these days - it looks like too much fun to pass up...


  2. Nina, that is a beautiful card. I have beeswax but haven't started using. Why don't you have a give-away with the card. It is beautiful. Have a great week and you are one lucky girl. Take care.

  3. I love "happy accidents" :-)

    Your new card is wonderful!


  4. She is so beautiful....and you don't know what to do with probably have a lovely place for her at your wall.
    And your hubby......he looks like, after reading things about him, like the real prins for have such a luck that you have met him in your life..........
    Oh and the name serenity he had mentioned was in two words....JUST RIGHT.
    Have a nice day and a big hug from me.

  5. Hi Nina- love the card! I have been wanting to play with transparencies, but still have to go buy some. At this point, it may have to wait until after the move. Thanks for stopping by my blog. When and where are you looking to move?

  6. OOH !! She is so pretty. Maybe find a pretty old piece of lace to place this on and frame it. She looks like someone I'd like to meet-so wishful..... Amy

  7. She is sooo beautiful. And how sweet your hubby looks.
    XXX Becky

  8. Hello Nina,
    I love your artwork and aren't Happy Accidents the best. I love starting a project not knowing where I'm going with it and it turns out beautiful. Most of the times, I cannot part with them eighter...

  9. Nina beautiful name for a beautiful painting.

    I love the praying hands.

    Love Renee xoxox

  10. Dear dear Nina......
    I don't know where to start......
    I received your surprise......what a gift!!!
    I am out of words......
    Such beautiful presents......the bracelett is so nice with the cross hanging at it, it looks like she now haves a gardian angel.
    And the book, o Nina, you spread indeed so much love.......
    my husband also had tears in his eyes when he saw it.....this is made with so much love and tenderness......
    And the necklace and the booklint......I don't know what to say.
    I am so proud that you are my friend.....
    Everybody who will hear it I tell from my dear friend Nina.
    And when the bracelett will be to small I will frame it......forever a gardian angel in her live........she is our little angel....
    You are forever in my heart Nina, you give me such great spirit......
    I now hear the song you got a friend......special for you.
    Forever a place for you in my heart.

    Although I am by far not so creative as you are I also want to sent you something special.
    Could you once mail me your address please....
    And is there anything special you would like to have from Holland????
    It could take some time, but I will mail you when I will post it.......
    It would be an honour to send you something...
    With lots of love and a big kiss from our little baby-girl.

    Words can not say how much I appreciate this.
    It is a feeling in my heart but I hope you understand how much you mean to me.......
    Have a nice day

  11. I love the card. Soooooo BEAUTIFUL. I also love the photos of your husband. Your are great at capturing the moment. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments on my blog.

  12. I always love seeing your name in my inbox. You are such a ray of sunshine:)

  13. She is gorgeous! That's is so wonderful that your hubby is such a great helper!

  14. What a beautiful blog and such care and attention and joy in your wonderful artwork. And your husband has the same haircut as me, haha.