Sunday, June 3, 2012

For the LOVE of a Rosary!!!

 Let me start out by saying I am not a Catholic, but I do LOVE Rosaries, Saints, Candles and so much more that the Religion has to offer. I am so BLESSED and I have the most BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING life and family!!! Here is my first attempt at making Rosaries. While I was making these Rosaries I was only thinking of Love, Peace, Hope, Health, Laughter, Strength, Happiness and so much more. I wanted only Positive energy in each one!

My Beautiful Kristin loved this one, so I had to give it to her. I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!

I love the turquoise cross, and the old world feel. The coral rose beads are from a Vintage necklace, they are so unique and beautiful!!! 

Isabella had to have this Rosary. She loved the purple and the silver glass beads. She is my "bling bling girl". She hangs her Rosaries on her bed post behind her bed. SO CUTE!!!

This is a Saint bracelet I made. My Niece Samantha went to Italy last summer and brought some Saint charms back for me. LOVE THEM!!!
My SWEET Isabella got her cast off...........WHOO HOO!!!! We are enjoying our summer!!! I LOVE MY KIDDIES!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!~Nina