Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freebie Fun from ~Vintage Nina~

I had so much fun making these tags. I am going to add them to some apple butter jars I made. I also will be using these on other pretties too. If you like any of the below creations by: ~Vintage Nina~  please download and ENJOY!!!

This one is so special to me. I will use this one for a note to my hubby........I LOVE MY HUBBY SO MUCH!!!

PLEASE~ Enjoy Life!!! I can think of so many things I am doing with this image!!!

 Beautiful Girl........does she not look like she is dreaming of her future??? I think I will make some cards with her!
 This one makes me think of my special friends and sisters, so I will be making some cards for them with this image. I had so much fun making all of these images:).
I know the above image might be hard to read, so I thought I would share the message:

You are OK. Everything is as it should be. The energy of the world ebbs and flows and luck, happenstance, and obstacles are truly a part of everyone’s life. How you respond to things says a lot about your inner state of being. The ups and downs are never “over” as much as they are accepted, responded to, lived with, transformed—and then life begins anew.
Know and believe this: Energy replenishes, it’s flow is constant. You can rejuvenate. You can feel fresh, alive, vibrant, free. You are whole today. You are missing nothing.
Free yourself of the burdens of the past and step into a new way of being. Intend a transformation. You can feel like you are back to yourself and yet more of the beautiful person that you are.

I hope you enjoy my fun creations......please use or share any you like!!!
HAPPY DAY!!! ~Nina

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