Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 This is a Art Class I taught today for SWEET Brandy!!!
She has a room in her house where her and her family paint, read, play guitar and create FUN!!!
So.........she was on a mission to paint a whimsy guitar for her room.
Here it is~ I think she did a GREAT job, it was her second time in her life painting. 
 She also is an Accountant, Yoga Instructor, and Pole Dance Instructor!
She is so full of energy!!! We were dancing the whole time during the class!
I LOVE painting to music, and Brandy did too :)
 At first she was a little shy about painting, but then she just let it flow!!!

 She was so proud of her painting, and could not wait to get it home to hang in her house.

 I also made some brown paper bag cards, with sweet little tags inside.
 This is the inside of the brown bag card.
 A closer look of the inside of the card.
 These are the sweet tags I made for the inside of the card.
 This is another Brown bag card I made. I am going to start teaching classes on how to make these
wonderful cards, and a special Mothers Day class:)

 My SWEET little Isabella broke her arm skating, and had to have surgery to put a pin in her wrist.
She was so strong, and so cute!!! Two more weeks, and then no more cast....we are EXCITED!!!
 I just LOVE this photo of her before her surgery with a little Lamb I bought her....SO SWEET!!!

 This was before she broke her arm, but look at my dog (Basil) he is sewing with Isasbella.......SO FUNNY, and CUTE!!!!

Beautiful Spring Flowers from my hubby.
I LOVE him so much!!!
 He is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!


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