Monday, November 30, 2009


Having one of those days, when my hubby calls me to come outside, and sitting next to him is a package. "What is this I say"? He said "I don't know open it". When I open the package.....SO MANY BEAUTIFUL things were inside! My dear friend Bonnie at sent me this AMAZING photo she took with the gorgeous silver frame.
Then I opened this SWEET box with a bracelet inside.

I also got a photo album with one of her MAGNIFICENCE note cards. The special note she wrote me inside was so touching!

This was the bracelet, it has love inscribed on the heart. I LOVE it!!!

This is an embroider vintage cloth she sent.....the colors are vibrant.

This is the paper it was wrapped in......... is it not BEAUTIFUL!!!!

One more look at the paper......I think it is a work of art in itself! It would be a great background for some art! I feel SO BLESSED to have a friend like Bonnie! She has touched my heart in so many ways, and I CHERISH our friendship! THANK YOU BONNIE....I LOVE YOU!!!

These are Vintage Swarovski Crystal with Yellow Topaz drop earrings I made for my Mother-In-Laws shop.

This is a hand made glass bracelet I made for my Mother-In-Laws shop.

This is a Mother of Pearl baby bracelet I made for her shop.

This is Opal earrings I made for her shop.

This is a Vintage Swarovski Crystal bracelet I made for her shop.

These are Vintage Swarovski Amethist diamond earrings I made for her shop. Hope you all enjoy! I hope all of my WONDERFUL friends had an AMAZING Thanksgiving. I have SO MUCH to e thankful for, and I feel VERY BLESSED!!! HAPPY DAY all my BEAUTIFUL friends!!!


  1. Dear Nina.
    I am so happy you received my gift. You deserve every part of it and I am glad you enjoyed it so much.
    I feel blessed to have you as my friend and as I said: always in my heart.
    You made again some beautiful bracelets and earrings. Great piece of art.
    Big hug and nice day

  2. Oh Nina it is sooo good to see you post on my blog! I have missed seeing your name there.

    All is well here just so busy no time to really create:( I hope you are all doing well and you love your new home.

    Sending you a HUGE HUGE HUG!!!! Good to have you back! And good to see your beautiful beautiful creations again.

  3. Sooooooooooooo HAPPY to see you back again.
    You have been missed,by me and many others.
    I'm anxious to hear and see pictures of your new life and more art.
    Lov & Hugs, Amy

  4. Hello my Sweet,
    My Thanksgiving was wonderful,I hope yours was too.I still think your hubby cute...LOL.
    What a great great gift you recieved from Bonnie.Such wonerful things.i too think the paper beautiful.BUT your jewelry is just to fantastic.Every piece a work of art.I love how you attached them to the printed cards.Unique...Love your music.I'm sitting here listening to it.You know I'm a big CD maker...Yes I'm a piratye of sorts.I don't sell my Cd's, I just love 50's and 60's mainly.Mostlt ballards like the ones you have.Well Dear,I'll visit again soon.XXOO Marie Antionette

  5. Alo, Nina~

    Thank you for stopping by to say hello! We had a great Thanksgiving home, just us. Very yummy dinner, lit up the chimnea, and watched football.

    You've been busy! No wonder you haven't posted in a while. Love the beautiful jewelry pieces you've made! They are so pretty!

    The photos you took of your children are terrific! They are adorable!

    I've been busy working on a slideshow presentation for my daughter's college soccer team full time this past month -- have really been missing blogging and everyone as well. So your note was a very nice surprise, Nina! :)

    Hope you have a great week!



  6. I just love that pink ribboned pearl bracelet!

  7. lovely bracelets.