Monday, September 21, 2009


I am FINALLY back to my blog!!! It has been soooo long!!! We moved got our new home in Marietta, GA and sold our house in Lakeland, GA. has been a little crazy! My hubby retired from the Air force, and he now works for Lockheed Martin. I am still unpacking, and enjoying being close to my family. Since my art supplies are all still in boxes......I thought I would share some photos I took of Lakeland, GA before I moved.
This is a leaf that Isabella found. We are always looking for heart rocks, but on this day she found a heart leaf. She was so proud of even survived the move to here.

This is a statue of a girl reading. She is at this beautiful park in Lakeland, behind her is a BEAUTIFUL rose bush!
This is the lake (Banks Lake) that was down the street from my house. It was so beautiful, and unique. It had Cypress trees growing all throughout the lake, and the moss hanging off the trees was my favorite!

This was one of Isabella's favorite horses. I am going to miss Lakeland and all the history and all the fun memories my family had there. I am SO EXCITED about my new home. It is BREATHTAKING!!! I feel SO BLESSED and THANKFUL!!!! I hope you enjoyed my memories of Lakeland. I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the kind words you left me. I MISS you all tons!!! I am going to have to catch up and visit all of you soon!!!


  1. Welcome back and welcome home. I have missed you as have many others.
    Have fun setting up the new house.
    Hugs, amy

  2. Sounds like you are very happy and eager to get settled in your new home. Happy days to you. Take care.

  3. Hi Nina! What gorgeous photographs! You could see the stones through the water! Hope you all get settled very soon and enjoy your new home!


  4. The leaf with the heart is so cool!
    I love heart-shaped stones or rocks. I found one the other day at the beach. Love it!

  5. Welcome back Nina,
    You have been missed.I hope you enjoy your new home.I've always loved Marietta,GA, Is there still a big old house that looks like its right in the middle of town? Its huge. Its been a long time since I've been though there.
    My hubby works at Lockheed here in New Orleans east.Another company bought them out , but there is a skeleton crew still here.My hubby 's been with them now for almost 29 yrs.
    Thats really kool that our hubby's work for the same company and both retired from the service.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  6. Congratulations on your move. Wonderful photos!