Tuesday, November 8, 2011


~Vintage Handmade Cards~
By: ~Vintage Nina~

Look at these faces......SO CUTE!!! I am such a sucker for Vintage Images!!!

I love these one of a kind cards I have made. You could frame these as ART if you wanted.
I am selling these.
The smaller ones (with the Yellow and Purple envelopes) are 2 for $10.00
The larger ones are 2 for $14.00
Hope you ENJOY!!!


  1. Hi Nina, your cards are lovely! I especially like the one with the ribbon bows!!

    Did you still want to join in on the Etsy Cottage Style Gift tag exchange? Let us know as the tags need to be the mail by November 15th:)

  2. Thank You for responding.......I could not find you site after I asked you about the tag exchange. I will be doing it, and I am so looking forward to it!!! <3